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Gemstone Therapy Box

Choose ​1 Yoni Egg, 2 Gemstone Bracelets, and 2 Sage Bundles. Includes FREE Gemstone Consultation to discover which gemstones/crystals best suit your needs!

Gemstone Therapy Box
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Gemstone Bracelets

Bracelets made from genuine gemstones and crystals to help you unlock the power for your healing!

May choose from Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Chakra Balancing, Sodalite, Moonstone, Unakite.

Indicate Selection In Note On Payment Page.

Gemstone Bracelets
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Blissful Yoni Bath Tea

Can't steam or just want to unwind in a relaxing bath while tightening, toning and detoxing your vagina? This is the product for you!

Don't want to deal with the headache of cleaning up the herbs after your bath? You don't have to! Simply steep the herbs in hot water, strain them and pour the water directly into your bath water! 

OR...request bagged herbs and simply tie the bag around the faucet as your bath water runs to enjoy an herbal infusion!

Order includes 3 Bags of Herbs or One 8 0z jar of herbs (enough for 3 baths)!

Product 2
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Yoni Steam Herbs

Enjoy a relaxing steam session in the comfort of your own home with a custom blend of yoni steam herbs created to assist you in healing any gynecological issues you may have!

Quantities Available:

4oz (1 Steam Session)

8 oz ( 6 Steam Sessions)

16 oz (12 Steam Sessions)

Blends Available:

Soothe & Moisturize (For Vaginal Dryness)

Libido Booster

Fertility Facilitator

Endometriosis Eliminator

Fibroids No More

PCOS/Ovarian Cysts Be Gone

Yeast Eliminator

Postpartum Healing

Lingam Steam (Blend for Men)

Indicate Quantity & Blend Needed In Note on Payment Page.

Yoni Steam Herbs ( 1 Cup)
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